Monday, January 1, 2018

Want to Be Rich?

Question: Do you want to be rich?

Answer: Doesn’t everyone?

Follow-on answer: No.

You’ve got to be kidding. You mean, not everyone wants to be rich? 

On the surface, the question seems to invite an obvious answer, which begs a follow-on inquiry leading to the real reasons most people have chosen not to be rich…or at least wealthier than they currently are. You see, like it or not—agree with it or not—the status of your wealth is indeed a personal decision you freely make. This question can actually be posed across the broad spectrum of life on just about any topic or area of interest we have for personal development. The focus doesn’t have to be associated with wealth at all. In fact, the question could be posed as follows…

Do you want to be, have, or achieve _______?

Of course, the answer to that open-ended question is also driven by personal choices of which only you are solely responsible. The point I’m making here centers on the fact that, for just about anything you can imagine, personal change requires a conscious effort you must make in order to arrive at a desired state or place in your life. Meet the requirements and life will move in the direction of your desires. If you don’t, it simply won’t. 

When asked what it takes to be rich, the late Felix Dennis, former owner of Maxim Magazine, put it like this…

“You will never be rich if…

You are unwilling to fail…
You care what other people think…
You are not willing to work longer hours than most anyone you know…
You cannot convince yourself that you’re 'good enough'…”

His is a philosophy that can be applied across the spectrum of personal development desires which have personal meaning to each and every one of us in so many unique ways. Want to be a published author, a renowned artist, community leader, elected official, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Want to be an effective mentor, a highly sought-after life coach, or the best ____? The same philosophical rules apply. 

“Most people don’t live the life they want, they live the life they are given.” ~ G. Westfal

When it comes to the definition of “rich” I think it’s fair to say that most all of us can agree that, although the term typically evokes a financial connotation, it is best associated with a quality of life that brings with it the elements of gratitude, contentment, and happiness. 

To direct your course, you must first be aware of where you are and where you want to go. Then, you need to interrupt the behavior patterns that have you stuck in the very situation you desire to move away from. You can do this simply by asking yourself a serious of questions that compel you to come up with an honest answer. 

What do I want?

Have you ever honestly asked yourself this question? This question offers unparalleled clarity and direction.

I work with people from all over the world, and I can honestly say that those who know what they want (and can actually define it) have opened the attractive forces that begin to manifest the conditions they desire. It may seem overly simple, but a clearly defined objective (goal, condition, or experience) begins the moment you assign a clear definition to it. The key to your personal definition begins with the simple question that compels you to discover the answer. 

Look, it’s your life. You get to define it. So, what do you want it to look like? Where do you want to live? Who do you want to become? What legacy would you like to leave? Figure this out and you will enact the forces of change.

Some insight: You won’t figure this out in a day. You may not figure it out tomorrow, or next week, or even by the end of the year. That’s OK. It isn’t even the answer that’s important because we all know the answer isn’t static. It’s always changing. No, the real magic behind the question is the question itself. You see, by constantly asking, we generate forces that naturally attract answers. Want proof? 

Questions literally BEG for answers. Take a look at the two-word question I just asked. (Want proof?) No doubt you naturally created an expectation to see proof. (Am I correct?) I rest my case. 

Who can I serve?

One of the best-kept secrets to getting everything you want in life is to find solutions to problems. Your solutions could very well be the ones people have been looking for. In business, we call this adding value. If you think about it, every successful business exists based on the service it provides to others.

Uncertain of how you can serve? Start with the people you most enjoy being around. Ask them what keeps them up at night. Then step back and take a broad look at things to see what commonalities emerge. Act only on the solutions that resonate with you. If you make a practice of doing this you’ll discover ample opportunity to add value. And keep in mind that you don’t have to solve an entire problem to add value. Sometimes if you can merely improve a product or process it will be enough to provide a valuable service to others. 

Why not now?

Make it a habit to ask yourself this question every single day.

Here’s why: When your brain sees a long list of “to do” items, it is asking the opposite of this question. It automatically resists and poses the alternative question, “Why not tomorrow?” This is the essence of procrastination.

If this defines how you currently see things, don’t worry. It’s just your brain asking the wrong question.

Try it out for yourself right now.

You’ve just spent the past few moments thinking about the life you want to live. Then you thought about the people you might be able to serve that will allow you to live that life. 

So, why not now?

If you develop a habit of asking yourself this very question every single day you’ll begin to see your list of reasons for not taking action as the excuses they truly are. 

So, get out there and change your life. You’ll become rich in so many wonderful and amazing ways. 

A message to the young – 

If you are young, remember this: you are far richer than anyone who is older than you. Time is the great equalizer in terms of what money can…and cannot buy. Youth is priceless. Therefore, don’t squander it, abuse it, or take it for granted…ever. 

A message to the young at heart – 

If you’re older, know that it is never too late to become richer than you currently are. 

Until next time…

~ G ~

“Wisdom outweighs any amount of wealth.” ~ Sophocles


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