Thursday, June 1, 2017

It All Comes Down to You

Everything you hope to accomplish in life lies in wait for you to act. You are solely responsible for the construct and content of your life. Every choice you make—from the use of your time to the selection of your mate—makes a difference. So, if you’ve been blaming everything and everyone for your “circumstances,” that stops right here, right now.  

If you are not happy with your life, the only one who can change things is you. Change is one of the most difficult things for people to accept because change introduces a new unknown into our life. Most people are uncomfortable with the unknown because they are afraid of what it will ask of them. 

Unfortunately, most people view change as a threat or as something that will require some kind of sacrifice or payment. The fact is, they’re right. Change will require something from you, but it will always give you something in return. This simple but powerful truth is based on the Law of Reciprocity, which tells us that if we give something of ourselves we will receive, often in overwhelming abundance, something in return.

“Growth is uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. But nothing is as uncomfortable as choosing to remain stuck where you are." 
~ G. Westfal

I get it, life can sometimes absolutely suck. Been there, done that…far more than I care to admit. But even the worst of circumstance is lined with opportunity. It’s there if you look hard enough. Oh, and keep in mind that there is always someone else who is worse off than you. So, as my military warrior friends would often say, “Embrace the Suck”. In other words, look for the good in an otherwise less-than-desirable situation and you will always find it. More often than not, when you look back upon a difficult time you will see the lessons with clarity.

You will always get what you settle for. Attitude is everything when it comes to creating the kind of life you desire. No matter what happens to you or around you, you have a choice. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself, project discontent, cast blame, and settle for mediocrity or…you can decide, right here and now that you are the master of your life. Does this mean you’ll never go through anything difficult or uncomfortable? No, but your attitude is the difference-maker in the perspective you cultivate in life. The formula is simple: what you project is what you get. So, instead of accepting the circumstances life throws at you, choose instead to poke your finger into the eye of circumstance and declare “enough!” by projecting a winning attitude. 

If you are ready to wake up and take responsibility for your own life, then declare today as that day you will begin to reprogram the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that will set you on a new course. Here are a few simple habits that will empower you to change your perspective and begin projecting the right attitude to create the kind of life you truly deserve and desire. 

Be Grateful.

Most people give so much power to their misery they overlook the magnificence of what is right in front of them at any given moment. Be thankful for what you already have and watch the miracles unfold before you. Be grateful for the people in your life, the fact that you have shelter, the sights, sounds, and scents you get to experience. Something happens when you pause long enough to appreciate the things that are right in front of you. Colors become more vivid, details become more prevalent, and love grows as you become more attuned to the subtle nuances of life. There is nothing more tragic than wishing you had said or done something well after the opportunity has come and gone. Turn off the damn TV and appreciate what the silence has to offer. You may, in fact, hear the sounds of love that have been trying to make their way to you through the voice of your child or significant other. You most certainly will realize the shit you've been watching on TV is sucking the life out of what you hope and aspire to become.

Every great achievement, advancement, or contribution began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that their dream was possible. Take some time to yourself to contemplate the power of your innermost self. Use your creative imagination to remove the limits of the natural world. Wake up to the possibilities that are waiting specifically for you to experience. Your greatest breakthrough lies in wait for you to unlock. Take stock of your unique abilities and pursue that which you have been called to do. Do not leave this world without letting it know the gift of you.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein

Change your mindset.
Be rich minded. Rich-minded people don’t focus solely on money but on the richness of life. This mindset adds to the quality of life they get to experience. 

Far too many people think there is not enough to go around in the world. Theirs is a fear-based mindset. Their answers are based on insufficiency and lack—things they cannot see…things they fear. A poor person’s mindset selects security above love, safety before self-expression, and protection over possibility.

Rich-minded people understand that, with a little creativity, a willingness to be unconventional, and an open mind, they can indeed experience an abundant life. When you build your life with the right mindset, you will see opportunities most others simply cannot see. This is the fundamental difference between those who do and those who don’t. 

Be intentional.
You’re creating the reality of your life at this very moment. But chances are you’re not being very intentional about the reality you’re creating. Reality is subjective. That is, it is highly personal. Once you realize the power behind that statement you will quickly realize the power you truly have to shape your life through the reality you create. Once you realize that you are indeed choosing whether or not to believe something, then you can choose to believe that you can do something about it.

Challenge yourself to grow. Produce more ideas than you need for yourself so you can share your wisdom and insight with others. Produce more results than you need for yourself so you can begin blessing others, blessing your community, and enriching your life. Personal growth is a lifelong process. We all aspire to grow, even until our dying day. Because, even on our dying day, we hope to grow into the transition of hope.  

A simple exercise…
Knowing it all comes down to you compels YOU to do something. So, don't just read this article and move on. Write down the beliefs you have about yourself. On one side, list the things that empower you and move you forward, the things that make you more confident, that give you the courage to move forward. On the other side, list the things that hold you back or move you away from your goals. Chances are, you will begin to see with clarity the power you truly have and you will be compelled to do something about it. After all, it all comes down to…you. 

Until next time...

~ G ~

“At the center of your being, you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want." ~ Lao Tzu


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Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to Change Your Circumstances…Once and For All!

One of the most significant steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential and to literally change the conditions of your life is to learn to monitor your outlook and its impact on your personal performance, relationships, and everyone around you. To be clear, your outlook is largely responsible for the way you see life and is driven, in large part, by the attitudes you develop along the way. Far too many people fail to recognize the critical role that attitude plays in the construct and quality of their life experiences. 

“We are not defined by our circumstances, but rather by the choices we make despite our circumstances.” ~ G. Westfal

I typically begin most of my speaking presentations and coaching encounters by asking a fundamental question: 

What attitude did you bring in to this meeting? 

Quite often, this question comes as a surprise to most people. In truth, people generally don’t have a high level of awareness when it comes to their attitude. It’s something they have become so accustom to that they have unknowingly adopted their “default attitude” as part of who they are. They’ll know if they're hungry or if they’re uncomfortable, but they usually don’t have a good grasp on the state of their attitude or the manner in which it affects virtually every area of their life. 

Attitude is Everything

Attitude governs the way you perceive the world and, perhaps even more profound, the way the world perceives you. So, if attitude is so important, how do we manage it? 

The good news is that we can manage it through the one power no one can ever take from us—the power of choice. We can either choose an inner dialogue of self-encouragement, determination, and self-motivation or we can choose one of defeat and self-pity. Choice is a power we all possess. 

Admittedly, we all experience difficult times, disappointments, rejection, heartache, and physical and emotional pain. The key is to realize it’s not what happens to you; it’s how you choose to respond to what happens that matters most.

We are blessed with an amazing mind that can be programmed to accomplish nearly anything we desire in life, to include the outlook or attitude we possess. Don’t care for the hand you’ve been dealt? Take action to re-configure the default outlook you currently have on life. Your efforts to reprogram will have a profound, life-altering effect on the way you see things. Following this course offers far more assurances than the alternative. 

Our inner dialogue is largely responsible for shaping our attitude, which, in turn, determines how we present ourselves to the world. Despite some opinions to the contrary, we have control over the narrative of that dialogue. That’s not to insinuate that changing or managing it will be easy. In fact, you may find it to be quite difficult at first. The question you must ask yourself however, is whether or not it will be worth it. 

Whatever we program our minds with can and will be a reflection of what we see and experience as a result. CAUTION: This is a two-edged sword that works both ways. So be mindful to feed your mind with the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors you intend to experience in life. 

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” ~ Anias Nin

Many of us have behavior patterns and beliefs today that were programmed into our brain during very delicate and vulnerable times of our lives. The information that was recorded and stored by our mind could have been completely accurate or inaccurate, traumatic or outright cruel. The sad reality of life is that we will continue to be exposed to things that are not conducive to a positive outlook, but we don’t have to allow that narrative to become part of who we are.

Awareness is Essential

The loudest and most influential voice you hear is your own inner voice. This inner voice is at the core of who you have decided to become. Yes, make no mistake, who you are is formed by the choices you have made over the years through the filter of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Each of these elements have been shaped by the things you have been exposed to as well the reactions and opinions you have formed over the years. 

Every circumstance—good, not-so-good, or outright miserable is an opportunity for you to accept or reject as a part of who you will become. Your awareness on how this part of you is shaped is critical to understanding how to change the manner in which you view the world. Change the way you view the world and your world view changes.

Your inner voice can work for or against you, depending on the messages you have allowed or accepted over the years. It can be optimistic or pessimistic, constructive or destructive, apathetic or determined. It can exhaust you or invigorate you. Once you realize you have a choice, your life will change according to the very choices you make, but only if you consciously take responsibility for your inner conversation.

Pessimistic attitudes are often the product of painful past experiences, continual defeat, disappointment, and frustration. It takes serious work to examine and overcome the roots of a pessimistic attitude, but the rewards of ridding ourselves of this heavy burden can reinvigorate the soul and change so many aspects of life.

10 things you can do—right now—to shift your attitude, effectively changing everything, once and for all.

1. Create a Strong Vision

The psychology of peak performance has revealed that most achievers use visualizations to crystallize their goals and objectives to enhance and focus their skills. It has been said that if the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Nowhere else does this statement come to life more than in creating a burning desire to reach your goal through the creation of a crystal clear vision. Your vision should contain enough vivid detail that it is difficult for the subconscious mind to distinguish what is from what is yet to be.

2. Be Determined

While a crystal clear vision helps us to act on our goals, action itself must be sustained in order for us to create the momentum it takes to reach our goals and objectives.

Determination is the ingredient that is required as we encounter inevitable obstacles along the way. Every step we take toward our goal reinvigorates the drive and determination we develop. Progress fuels consistency and determination which, in turn, fuels results. Results make us happy and reinforce a positive attitude. A positive attitude is a game-changer in the reflection of an outlook that effects what we experience in life.

3. Master the Power of Your Words

Words, once spoken, cannot be unspoken. Therefore, it is wise to be mindful of our words. The words we speak reflect the condition of our hearts and are based upon all the things we have come to believe about ourselves. Speaking judgmentally or disparagingly about our circumstances or those around us serve as an indicator that the condition of our heart is in need of change. 

You can create a direct path to success by what you say and how you say it. Positive self-talk and optimistic declarations are just a couple of ways to override past negative programming. These powerful habits replace old, worn-out narratives with a fresh, conscious, positive message that helps to create new and exciting life experiences. So take a closer look at what you are saying to yourself and the messages you have begun to accept as “ordinary” and know that you were never supposed to live an ordinary life. Indeed an extraordinary life awaits.

4. Display Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is to attitude what breathing is to life. Genuine enthusiasm is difficult to contain. Enthusiasm enables you to apply your gifts more effectively and to attract goodness into your life. It is the genuine desire that communicates commitment, determination, and happiness. Enthusiasm evokes emotion, which is perpetuated by motion. It is driven by an internal spirit that speaks through your actions and your belief in what you are doing. Enthusiasm is one of the most empowering, attractive, and contagious characteristics you can have. Share it openly and often.

5. Ask

I quite often proudly proclaim that we can have, be, do, or become anything we want in life with one simple, powerful word…Ask. Next time you find yourself at odds with seemingly elusive questions or overwhelming frustration…just ask. Ask for insight, awareness, guidance, answers...

Unsure of what motivates you? Ask why, who, what, where, when, how. What motivates you to take action? Why do you want change your life? Questions—even those posed to our inner-self—invite contemplation and put into motion the answers that will inevitably find their way to us.

Until next time...

~ G ~

“Stop holding yourself back. If you aren't happy, make a change." ~ G. Westfal 


Introspection is proud to announce its affiliation with writer ~ Elisabeth Auld ~

Check out her wise, knowledgeable, and often entertaining perspectives inside the edition of
 Gals in Blue.


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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Five Things That Will Happen Once You Decide to Start Living Your Dreams

You’ve settled for far too long and have finally decided to break the cycle of mediocrity. You’ve disconnected with the people and habits that have kept you from realizing your potential.

What took years to develop and conceal—even from yourself—took only a moment of honesty to recover. So here you are, in a place you’ve dreamed of…a place where honesty, sincerity, and authenticity reside…the very threshold that will lead you to a new life.

For some, this can be a fearful place. The thought of embarking on a new journey filled with surprises, risks, and uncertainties. For others, it is the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for…the defining moment where uncertainty trumps the status quo.

Congratulations, and welcome to the beginning of living life on your terms…of living your dreams.

As you look back on what used to be the comfort of your existence, you suddenly realize the life you’re leaving behind is no longer there. It is but a mere memory and a testament to the fact that this time is different from all the rest. This time, you are more determined to take a bold step into the promise of your future. This time…you will fully embrace what has become a realization that you no longer have a place in the past and rightfully deserve the central role you must play to live your dreams.

So…take a leap into what awaits. And when you do, here are five things you can expect to happen as you experience the exciting journey of your new life.

1. You’ll see things differently.

Once you commit to living your dreams, the veils will be lifted from your eyes. You’ll embark on your new journey with a new perspective. You will immediately notice the path you are on is the one less traveled by, and as poet Roberts Frost says, will be the choice that makes all the difference.

On this road you will “see” new opportunities that have been in your reach all along, opportunities your conscious mind was simply unable to notice before this time. The fundamental change taking place is one of self-identity. This is the point of no-return in the transition of who you were to who you are becoming. Once this transition takes place, your entire world will change.

2. You’ll have a source of energy, driven by purpose.

Once you transition the threshold of decision, you will have a wellspring of energy fueled by a determination to achieve your dreams. The source will appear to be limitless and will indeed be one that will take you farther, longer, and provide results unlike you have ever experienced. The source…is tied directly to your purpose.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

People will refer to you as tireless, tenacious, driven, and determined—all perfectly fitting badges of honor you will freely accept as you step closer to your dreams while enjoying the experiences of the journey toward achievement. You will also have your share of others who mistakenly view your success as “luck”. Handle this part of your journey correctly and nothing will have the power to stop you.

3. Your awareness and understanding will grow.

Your thirst for knowledge and understanding will grow as you seek to learn every detail of your intended course. You’ll be guided by logic as the power of creativity is unlocked, allowing you to break the rules to recreate and disrupt the status quo. Wisdom and understanding will be attracted to you as you become both student and teacher.

You’ll see things differently, giving you to time to analyze, evaluate, and manipulate situations even as others are just reacting to them. You’ll make connections and draw conclusions others just don’t see. As a result, you’ll enhance your knowledge by generously sharing it with others. It has been said, the teacher is always the one who learns the most. So, an amazing thing happens as you experience growth through success and the acquisition of wisdom. You will teach and share abundantly and begin experiencing far more joy from the success of others than by experiencing success yourself.

4. You’ll learn to see your fears for what they truly are—opportunities to excel.

As I have said many times, fear will always exist. Those who take the bold step across the self-defined line of fear experience an understanding that rewards them with logic and insight to the process of achievement. They gain awareness others simply will not possess until they too take their own bold and determined step. While others continue to cling to ambiguous theories and processes that don’t make sense, you are making strides and celebrating the progress you’re making toward the advancement of your dreams.

“When the WHY is strong enough, the HOW is easily discovered.” ~ G. Westfal

When you are fully committed to your path, you are unencumbered by fear and doubt. Their power to hold you back is diminished significantly. Your conscious mind becomes emboldened by the results you’re getting and therefore begins to reprogram your subconscious mind that the new path you’re on is precisely where you rightfully belong.

5. People will enter your life to help you.

When your mind is set and you are determined to bring your dreams to fruition, people take notice. You’re different. While most people will be unable to determine just what it is about you that’s different, there are others who will take notice and be attracted to you.

“Success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract.” ~ Jim Rohn

The traits you will begin developing—determination, focus, tenacity, dedication—attract like-minded people. As a result, you will find mentors who will appear, ready and willing to help accelerate your progress and provide wise counsel to support your initiatives and objectives. You will find a fan base, ready and willing support your success. You’ll discover students who will be attracted to your success, providing an opportunity for you to “pay it forward”. And you should know that you will also find haters who will misunderstand your success and mistake it for luck or “overnight” success. It is important to note that these people have a role in how you develop as a leader despite their ill-conceived perspectives.

“The moment you make a determined and committed decision to change the course of your life, the course of your life will change.” ~ G. Westfal

Although the statement above may seem redundant, it is actually a profound revelation to the exciting journey that awaits. Of course, there are more than five things that will happen once you finally decide to start living your dreams. Your habits will change, your values will shift, you’ll overcome obstacles easier, you’ll become more optimistic, you’ll see solutions easier, you’ll have little interest in what others find entertaining, you’ll seek balance—physical, intellectual, spiritual. These are but a sampling of the profound changes you will experience as life will unfold and reveal a depth of intrigue and meaning far beyond your wildest imagination.

Seek change in your life. Know that you can indeed be, do, have, or become anything you desire. All it takes is a decision and a determined mindset to step away from where you are to where you want to be and who you wish to become. You’ll know when you have come to a life-changing decision because it will resonate deep within you unlike BEFORE. And in so doing, you will begin living a new life…the life of your dreams.

Until next time...

~ G ~

“Aim beyond your current capabilities. Stop believing the same worn-out story you have told yourself. And live the life of your dreams." ~ G. Westfal 


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Check out her wise, knowledgeable, and often entertaining perspectives inside the edition of Gals in Blue.


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